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Kepapulavu people on protest Rally demanding removal of Army from their lands

The people of Kepapulavu held a protest rally yesterday calling for the removal of Army from their lands and releasing the lands to them. Hundred of people participated in this rally organized by the TNPF, at around 10.00 a.m. yesterday 320 families are living in Kepapulavu. Nearly 490 acre of lands belonging to 120 families are occupied by the  Army, who is trying to establish a large Army camp in these lands.

Although request had been made through the District Secretary to the Government , and through Several protest rallies held by people, no action had been taken to release these lands. Instead they have made these to live under trying condition in area  so called by the Army as “Model Village” without basic amenities.Hundreds of people including the General Secretary of TNPF, Selvarajah Kajendran and the TNPF Coordinator for Mullaitheevu District participated in this protest.

At the time of the protest Army Tanks were stationed near the protesters who surrounded by large number of police men. Some police were engaged in photographing the protesters. There was a large presence of intelligence unit men and some them recorded the opinions given to the media, which discouraged many protesters from expressing their views to the media.