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Let us pay homage to those who had in the war for the liberation of Tamil race, call TNA and TNPF

The Tamil National Alliance and Tamil National People’s Front have called upon the Tamil people to commemorate all the people who had lost their lives in the war of Liberation for the Tamil people by lighting sacrificial flames tomorrow, 27th.

Nobody could legally prevent commemorating the dead the Front had stated.

In this regard the General Secretary of the TNA, Mawai Senathyrajah  has stated in a statement released by him that, hundreds of Thousands of militants and people had laid down their lives during the war of liberation for Tamil People. It is a basic human rights of the people to remember, shed tears for them and commemorate their sacrifice. This will console the heart and souls of the people. It is the tradition and duty of people to remember and perform last rites in accordance with their respective religions. There is no room to debate about victory or defeat. No North South discrimination. What is important is the basic right of the Human race.

In this situation, it is the culture and civilization of anybody to commemorate their dead, in a way appropriate to them and peacefully at temples, homes, Water sources and memorial structures and perform the last rites without giving way to any frenzy, he has said.

The leader of TNPF, Gajendrakumar has said that it is our historical duty to remember those who had fought and fallen for the liberation of Tamil people. Nobody could legally prevent us remembering our dead. Every Tamil should remember the lives lost in the liberation war in their remembrance day, he has said.