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If Nationality, Self- Determination and NE merger accepted: TPNF ready to join hands with EPRLF and PLOTE

The Leader of the TPNF, Kajendrakumar Ponnampalam, while saying  yesterday that, they are prepared to join hands with anybody who come forward accept Homeland, Nationality, Self-Determination and NE Merger, and act accordingly, he also said that if EPRLF and PLOTE accept this they are prepared work in coordination with them.

He also said that if CM, Wignaswaran will continue his current stance , they are prepared accept him as alternate Leadership. The CM is condemning the mistakes of the leadership from inside TNA. There is no question about it, he further said.

A press conference was held in the party HO at Kantharmadam yesterday and he said so during the cource of the conference.

The persons who were elected by the people had gone there and are -selling the Race. Some think that Sampanthan is being cheated by the Government. No. He is not cheated but within the agenda of the Government. In this context there is noi point in criticizing the leadership from within TNA. That is why we asking them to get out, he said.