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Justice Ilancheliyan condemns accused in Neervely double murder case, to double death sentences

The person who clubbed to death his own sister and her husband and attempted to murder his own nephew was sentenced to Double Death Sentences. The court also ordered the accused to serve 5 years jail term for the attempted murder.

In this incident which occurred in 2011 August 12th at around 7.45 p.m. in Neervely when Markandu Uthayakumar and his wife Uthayakumar Vasanthymala were murdered mercilessly and attempt was made to kill the son of the victims, Uthayakumar Kugatheeban, but he escaped the attempt. Inquiries revealed that the perpetrator of the crimes is Arunasalam Kuganeswaran.

The case was mainly decided based on the evidence of the two children of the victim.

The judge sentenced him to double death sentences and ordered him to pay compensation of 100,000/= to the injured child.