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NPC approves annual financial Statements

The Annual Financial statement had been approved yesterday. More funds had been allocated for 2016 than 2015.But, the CM said although more funds were requested less funds were allocated by the Central Government.

As per PC Act, the Annual Financial statement should be submitted at least one month before the  particular  year. The NPC statement was tabled yesterday and approved without any opposition in a special sitting of the NPC, organized yesterday. As per this statement submitted by CM, C.V.Vigneswaran the allocations (in Million Rupees )are as follows:

Recurrent expenditure – 18,404.23

Stamp duty to be transferred to LGA – 0.3

Capital Expenditure – 4,665.65

Heath Sector Development Concept project – 365

Uniceff concept program – 11.35

PC Building,Kaithady -150

Other schemes – 4,152.35

Answering Media questions, the CM said that, requested amount was given by the Government and that the Financial Allocation   statute for 2016 will be submitted within reasonable time.