Tamil Diplomat

Reconciliation is not what the Govt. forces on us, CM says to Ms.Russel

The NPC CM Wigneswaran had told the visiting American Ambassador at Large, Ms. Russel, that Reconciliation is not forcing some thing the Govt. wants and asking us to accept it. Both faction should get together and find out what should be done. For that, truth should be found out first. The Sinhala people should know what had happened during the last 67 years. Reconciliation will be achieved only when they are informed that we are trying find solutions to the problems created and go forward to reap those solution.

Answering the Ambassador’s queries on the situation of  post-war women, he had said that there are  around 80,000 families are woman-leadership families and most of them are in the 25 -35 age group.they all should be helped to find their livelihood, he had said.