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Red Onion seeds production successful in Vavuniya

The production of red onion seed has been successfully carried out at the Agricultural Training Centre in Vavuniya.

An experimental plot in extent of 300 mwas planted  on 26.06.2019 and maintained at the Vavuniya Agricultural Training Centre and the harvesting was held day before yesterday.

This plot was under spray irrigation. Technology for drought resistance and the benefits had been well demonstrated from this plot.

As per the observations from the plot, one station had given rise to 3-5 bulbs of seed onions. Each bulb has about 3-4 flowers, each flower contain 85-90 small flowers and each small flower has 3-5 seeds.

This field festival presided by  the Manager of the Vavuniya District Agricultural Training Centre K.Kajaruban  was held with the participation of Vavuniya District Deputy Director of Provincial Agriculture Mrs. A Sakilabanu as the Chief Guest and several others including Agricultural Instructors and the farmers.

Practical demonstrations  were given in curing of seeds, selection of seeds, standardization of bulbs, fertilizer application Pest control methods, and pollination of seed onion flowers.