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Report should not be delayed: Sumanthiran insists the inquiry officers in Geneva

The Tamil National Alliance (TNA) member of Parliament, M.A. Sumanthiran who met high level officers of Human Rights Council, including head of the UNHRC investigation Committee, which is investigating the War Crimes that occurred in Sri Lanka, Sandra Beidas, in Geneva today, had said that he had insisted with them, the TNA’s stance that, under no circumstances, report of the UN investigation should be delayed.

He further said that, TNA’s Leader R. Sampanthan had sent a letter on January 26th insisting that the report of the UN investigation Report, should be published on, the already announced date without any delay, to the UNHRC Commissioner, Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein, and that the above meeting was held centering on this letter and that the meeting was held over one and a half hours.

Particularly, he said that, he explained the consequences of delaying the publication of this report during this meeting and that he had said that, delaying the publication will nullify the importance of it.

They listened to his opinions with deep interest but as the influence of the member countries of the UNHRC is very important in the decision regarding the publishing of the report, he is to meet the representatives of the member countries this evening, he further said.