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Resolution by Sumanthiran against NPC CM fizzle out

A resolution by M.A.Sumanthiran calling for disciplinary action against the NPC CM, for the way he acted during the Parliamentary Election,   fizzled out due to heavy opposition, in the Central Committee meeting of the ITAK, held in Colombo.

When this meeting commenced at the residence of Attorney at Law K.V.Thavarasa, Sumanthiran rose and said that the CM acted against the ITAK, and he has in possession of several evidences  for that and that disciplinary action should be taken against the CM like the action taken against Anananthy Sashitharan  and Raviharan. This resolution was seconded by Paramsothy.  Mawai Senathyrasa also stacked accusations against the CM, but MP, Siritharan said it is unnecessary to take action against the CM and that it will only pave the way for more splits.

The Vice President of the ITAK, Prof. Sittampalam also argued against the resolution saying ITAK cannot take action against a person who is not a member of ITAK, and if action to be taken, other constituent parties of TNA should be consulted. He had also said that taking action against the CM, when he is taking some concrete actions to strengthen International Investigation call, if ITAK take action against him it will be interpreted as the ITAK is acting against International Investigation. Further he said that the Leader of ITAK is issuing unnecessary statement without any clarification.

NP Minister of Health, Sathiyalingam also argue against the resolution. Interrupting at this point Sumanthiran said that CM had refused to go to Canada on fund raising campaign. Sathiyalingam retorted that CM had discussed this with him and had said that “these people take money but never show any account” and that is why he had refused go, he said.

Earlier during the election campaign ,The  CM, while encouraging the people to vote had said “Come out of your house and vote” and Sumanthiran tried earlier in the meeting to interpret this as he was saying “ Don’t vote for the house symbol of ITAK”.

Following heavy  opposition developing against the resolution TNA leader Sampanthan who was presiding at the meeting called everybody drop the matter and that he will talk to the CM.