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Solution to the ethnic conflict within six months: UPFA says in its manifesto

United People’s Freedom Alliance (UPFA) releasing its election manifesto said, if elected, it will resolve the ethnic conflict within six months and bring a new constitution to the people. It also said it will take necessary action to implement LLRC recommendations within one year.

The manifesto reads : Our aim is to bring a permanent political solution to further strength the Divisional and District administrative units under the 13th amendment, with the view to resolve the national problems and ensure the rights of all ethnic groups within one country. We will initiate a discussion with members of Divisional Secretariats, Parliament, Political parties and all stakeholders within one month of forming the government and present a solution within six months.

 The manifesto was unveiled today  at the Henry Pedris Grounds in Colombo with many party seniors present.

Releasing the manifesto, former President Mahinda Rajapaksa said a new Constitution and electoral reforms would be enacted in the short term under a UPFA government if the party won the general election.

Rajapaksa said the 12-point manifesto envisages accelerated development in the economy, housing, education, health, trade and industry, foreign policy, environment, arts and culture, youth, children and women rights while consolidating the national sovereignty and territorial integrity and inter communal harmony. He said a UPFA government would give priority to the introduction of a new constitution, the 20th Amendment to the Constitution and the re-introduction of the Village Councils System for local government administration.

“Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe asks why I re-entered politics. I like to tell him that I returned to politics because people from all over the country asked me to come back. Likewise, a number of leaders of the Constituent parties of the UPFA gave leadership to the countrywide call from our supporters for me to return to politics and the demand was re-echoed in the most vibrant manner at the rallies held at Nugegoda and the other parts of the country,” Mr. Rajapaksa said.

The election manifesto includes points such as recommencing 58,000 stalled development projects, increasing the wages of state sector employees and providing an allowance of Rs. 50,000 to youth above the age of 18. It also includes the provision of a Rs. 10,000 allowance for students selected to the university for purchasing books, while increasing the mahapola salary to Rs. 6,000. The election manifesto of the UPFA also includes a Rs. 3,000 allowance for private sector employees and changes the basic salary of the public sector employee to Rs. 25,000.