Tamil Diplomat

Solution within unitary state will force Tamils to secede: Suresh Premachandran

“We are saying the we have federal solution within an integrated Sri Lanka.  You are saying the a solution within unitary state. This is like telling us to secede and go. The International Community  and specially India should understand this and must play a more clear and stronger role to ensure the Tamils are given a political solution to their concerns”,  said Suresh Premachandra, the Official Spokesman of the TNA.

Suresh Premachandran said that the US seems to have got involved with Sri Lanka ahead of the January 8 Presidential election to reduce the role China had in Sri Lanka. “They may now prefer the current Government to remain in power,” Premachandran said at a press conference in Jaffna today.

Premachandran said that while some countries have other interests in Sri Lanka, the sole focus of the TNA is to ensure the Tamils are given the political solution they need and not one which satisfies others.

He said that Sri Lanka’s closest neighbor India has a responsibility to ensure the Tamils get an acceptable political solution.