Tamil Diplomat

Stop construction of Buddhist Vihare in Temple land, NPC, resolution to be sent to President

The resolution of NPC calling for the stoppage of construction of Buddhist Vihre in the lands of Kanakambihai Ambal Temple had been sent to the President.

This resolution tabled by a ruling party member was adopted unanimously. It had been stated in the resolution that we are grieved by the act of constructing a Buddhist vihare on the lands belonging to Iranaimadhu Kanagambihai Ambal Temple. 4.4 acre land had been encroached for building this vihare. This is blatant land occupation. This is against all norms of religious reconciliation and National reconciliation. The president had been requested to intervene in this, stop the construction works and hand over land back to the temple.

The copy of the resolution had been sent to President by the leader of the house C.V.K.Sivagnnam.