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Struggles galore in the North..

Mulaitheevu  : 8th day

The struggle undertaken by relatives continued yesterday for 8th day.

Pannankkandy  : 12th day

Land owner meet people, promise a solution soon. Pannankkandy people are on their 12th day of struggle demanding land permits and housing scheme. The nice of the owner Siva Pasupathy had met the struggling people, inspected their current living position and had promised to give a good solution soon. 

Kilinochchi – Relatives of Missing persons : 24th day

Ranil had said that the  missing are dead or migrated. He cannot utter irresponsible statements like this. He should either stop saying like this or publish a list if migrated people like that. The politicians who said that they will give Good Governance, Get the lands released and find the missing and got our votes are silent now, they said.

Kepapulavu : 15th day

The struggle of the Kepapulavu people continued for the 15th day, even in pouring rain. Army get out of our lands you have occupied. We will give up our struggle only if we step into our own lands. people had been called to courts on a nuisance case by army.

Vavuniya : 20th day

Relatives of persons handed over to the  Army and went missing is continuing a fasting struggle for the last 20 days. A post card campaign demanding justice, is continued by them posting 1,000 post cards daily.