Tamil Diplomat

Tamils need more powers. Negotiations are in progress for that, says Mawai

More power than the other provinces should be devolved to the Northern and Eastern Provinces. Prime Minister Ranil is highly interested in this. We are speaking about 13th Amendment now, in the constitutional Council but about power devolution beyond that, said TNA Parliamentarian and the leader of the ITAK, Mawai Senathyrajah.

He was speaking in the inaugural event of the Northern Province Transport Authority.

In the solution package proposed by Chandrika Bandaranayake, Unitary State system was done away with. It proposed to devolve power on a joint-sharing arrangement between regions. The Constitution is based on this and taking needed and suitable components from it. The cooperation of all faction on this is available now.

The interim report on the drafting Constitution will be submitted in the Parliament within one month. The solution scheme to brought through the new constitution will not be tabled without the approval representatives of the people.

We are being confronted with challenges in implementing even the powers that are available now for the Provincial Council. The Military is still dominating.

We are engaged in diplomatic moves, with the assistance of International community, so as to put a full stop to saying repeatedly that we have lost the opportunities that came our way.

All the Chief Ministers of Provincial Councils have expressed their consent for devolving the powers beyond 13th Amendment. This is a welcome feature. We consider the 13th Amendment as a opened for power Devolution, he said.