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Two of the 23 announced to be rehabilitated sentenced to prison by courts

The Colombo High Court has sentenced two of the 23 Tamil Political Prisoners (TPPs) who were announced to be rehabilitated, to jail terms.

It was announced recently that, 23 of the TPPs were to be released after 6 months rehabilitation. But in the context of this decision not being informed to the courts or Attorney General’s Department, the Colombo High Court has passed prison terms on the above said 2 prisoners.

One of the two prisoners, Kengatharan has been sentenced to 2 years in prison on two counts and the other Nagularajah was sentenced to 1 year prison term and 1 year of rehabilitation. The lawyers of the prisoners said in the context of the prisoners being in prison for more than 8 years and there seems to no sign of release, they have come forward to accept prison terms and get released.

In the context of the Rehabilitation Ministry announcing recently that 23 will be rehabilitated for 6 months and released, this sentencing has caused suspicions of their release among the other prisoners announced to be released.