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War crimes Investigations will be acceptable to the affected, Moon assures Wigneswaran

The Secretary General of the UN, Ban – ki –Moon  assured yesterday to the Chief Minister of Northern Provincial Council,C.V.Wigneswaran that the War Crimes Investigations will be held in a way acceptable to the affected people.

This assurance was given during a meeting between Moon and Wigneswaran, held at Jaffna Public Library yesterday.

Commenting on this meeting the CM said to media that, Moon told him that on his last visit they told me that the PTA will be repealed, but to date it had not been repealed. It is not proper to keep the PTA. It had to be repealed. He also said that, he had asked the government that when it is repealed all arrested under it should be released.

War Crimes Investigations will be held in a way acceptable to affected people. Then only it will be reliable. The UN will continue to take action in this regard. He pointed out that the evaluation of the needs of the Northern people will be continued to be pursued, Moon had said.

When the CM requested that reviews should be made with regard to, de-mining, assistance to resettled people, assistance to people affected by war, investments of private sector, Tourism, and Army structure, Moon had said that he will take these matters into consideration.

Meanwhile the CM had handed over to the Secretary General the details in book form, of the persons who had gone missing, Details of the lands of the people occupied by the Army and the copy of the Genocide Resolution of the NPC.