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When Jaffna is transformed, Country will also transform: Ranil Wickremasinghe

After the election a programme will be inaugurated to develop the North into an economical zone. The funds needed for it will be made available. If Jaffna is transformed, the whole country will be transformed, said the Prime Minister, Ranil Wickramasinghe in Jaffna.

He was speaking at a meeting with MPs and Departmental officials in the District Secretariat, during his 2-days visit to Jaffna.

I am going to investigate about the complaints that, Army is using the HSZ as an Economical Zone cultivating crops, running hotels etc, he further said,

Speaking at the same event Suresh Premachandran of the TNA said that, the army is using the HSZ as an economical region. Although it was promised to release 1,100 acres, only a section of released at present. When we ask the Army to release the lands, they come up with stories like ‘we will move the security fence 1 Km back or 2Km back. We don’t want military’s solutions. We need political solutions. Proper action should be taken regarding people detained in secret camps. If it is done so many matters regarding missing people will come to light, ha said.

Ranil in reply to Premachandran , said that he had not heard about secret camps, we must talk about them and that, he is taking action to release the women languishing in the prisons without being charged.

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