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We will know the details of Political Solution before the end of December : Sumanthiran

As per Sampanthan  said, we will know what is going to be the Political solution, before the end of December, said TNA spokesman MP, M.A.Sumanthiran in Kilinochchi. He was participating in the launch of a book by TPP, Vivekanathanoor Sathees, at Kilinochchi yesterday.

We will work towards the solution with hope. Sampanthan  said that we have brought a government out of two opposing parties. This is a good opportunity to get a solution. Nobody can deny that. If a solution is to be obtained for our people using, this opportunity, it should come before the end of December.  If the solution does not come before the end of December, we don’t know, for how many decades we will have to wait for a solution.

An interim report will be submitted on the constitution on the 19th and then we will know about the form of the solution. Please be patient. We cannot reveal certain matters while the negotiations are going on.

On the whole, if the new constitution will fulfill our aspirations, preserve our uniqueness, ensure a cordial life and create a situation of respecting one another, it will be a foundation for our advancement.

However, What sort of rule it may be, we have to live in unity with others, he said.